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Apprenticeship - Wayne Hambley

Low grade work for over 10 years at Her Majesty's Prison (HMP). Chose to improve career opportunities by studying for an apprenticeship in electro technical engineering – 20% payrise.

Wayne Hambly has been employed at HMP Dartmoor for over ten years. Initially as an Operational Support Grade and then moving over to the Estates Department as a labourer.

In 2011 Wayne decided to improve his career opportunities by studying for an apprenticeship in electro technical engineering on a vocational day release basis to a local technical college in Plymouth. Wayne’s academic study was undertaken in the Prison Officers Association (POA) Learning Centre at HMP Dartmoor.

Thanks to POA Learning and of course Wayne’s dedication and commitment his accredited achievements have been stacking up as follows:

  • Apprenticeship Electro-Technical Installations Level 3.
  • City & Guilds Level 2 English, Maths and Information, Computers and Technology (ICT).
  • AM2 Certificate of Electro technical Occupational Competence.

Wayne has recently applied for a career as an electrical engineer with a local construction company and has been successful in his application. Not only has Wayne attained his career aspirations but has also secured a pay rise of 20% as a result.

Her Majesty's Prison Service (HMPS) was fully supportive of Wayne and his training, permitting his time to attend his training at City College Plymouth in pursuit of his qualifications. Wayne also used the Learning Centre in his lunch hour for extra online learning.

Wayne thanked Ivan Judd and Andy Harding who manage the POA Learning Centre at HMP Dartmoor for the IT and learning facilities that has underpinned his recent advancement both in career and salary.

"If it were not for POA Learning at HMP Dartmoor my studies would not have run so smoothly - which may have led to me not being able to take the new job offer when it became available. I cannot thank POA Learning enough for their support over the last four years. The new career is an exciting prospect and the pay rise that goes with it will assist my wife and I to develop the house that we have recently moved into."

Andy Harding - POA Learning Centre Manager at HMP Dartmoor added:

"Wayne is a shining example of what POA Learning and the Union Learning Fund is all about, namely offering staff and community members the opportunity to improve their life chances and achieve their aspirations."

POA Learning provides IT facilities for all staff to use in their career progression as well as the provision of functional skills Level 2 as a part of the apprenticeship requirements.