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Career changer - Karen Flack

Took up additional OU study (Access course) with a baby, as a hobby. Then moved to a degree. Applied for a new role after studying, got a job.

I wanted to study when my daughter was a baby, so enrolled with the OU as I could study from home.

I didn’t have A-levels, so took an access course , which was really more as a hobby.

What started as a pastime soon got me hooked with interesting coursework, discussions and social interaction with tutors and like-minded students, and I moved on to studying for a degree.

Once I got my degree I applied for a new role, in a totally different field, and I got the job.

Throughout the study my life has completely changed, from part-time to full-time work, dealing with a divorce, becoming a single parent and moving house.

I left the The Open University (OU) to undertake study at a different university that was mandated by my previous employer, but returned to the OU to complete my Bachelor’s degree because I was impressed by the opportunities available and standards of education material.

The OU made it possible to fit study around my life no matter what happened and that is why I would recommend the OU to anyone wishing to be inspired.

"When my daughter was young I could fit the study into my routine, studying when she was sleeping and going to tutorials when family members could take over childcare. I met a lot of people, both at tutorials and online and enjoyed the chance to talk over the subjects which greatly improved my confidence. The confidence also spilled over into my work, and I achieved a promotion as I could demonstrate extra key skills from my OU study."