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Distance learning - Carol Allen

Wanted to study but didn’t want a single subject. Working full-time. Heard about OU through someone enjoying their study.

I chose The Open University (OU) because it supported part-time study which I needed as I worked full-time and I knew someone who was already enjoying their study with the OU.

As I knew studying one thing would not suit my personality and I have always been interested in environment issues, it seemed natural I would select the Environmental Studies degree.

This allowed me to study a broad range of subjects around climate change such as the social and economic impact.

I certainly feel more informed now and it served to satisfy my curiosity. My study has not only encouraged me to ask more questions and be more challenging about these issues but also introduced me to many interesting people.

"My study times were mostly in the evenings after work but also included some weekends although I tried to keep my study and personal life in balance. I owe thanks to my husband, Mervyn, who took over the cooking and has greatly improved his skills. His support was invaluable. During the six years of study I went through a hip replacement, but used the six-week recovery time to study, and a broken arm, which meant one final module submission was finished left-handed. Distance learning was a big advantage at these times as I could complete everything online – useful when you can’t drive."

My job involves delivering funding to local action groups and these are often rural developments so the study has really helped my understanding of their issues.

I found the degree really stimulating and suited to my “butterfly” personality.