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Health Challenges - Rosemary Patchett

Greatly improved health and confidence, gained a Diploma in Botanical Illustration

For many years Rosemary worked as a personal assistant but had to leave work after struggling with the M.E. (myalgicencephalomyelitis). Due to the effects of this condition Rosemary was unable to lead the enjoyable, active life she had known and had to spend most of her time at home with little activity. She always tried to keep a very positive attitude. However, as a consequence of feeling isolated she began to suffer with severe anxiety. At this point and in desperation she attended a WEA class on Botanical Painting led by specialist Botanical Artist Jane Wolfendon.

Rosemary states that she was made to feel very welcome in the class and was put at ease. Participating in adult education helped her cope with her anxiety, which helped her manage the M.E. more effectively. Rosemary has always relayed her experience to others, saying "I try to encourage people who have challenges or health problems, or people who know anyone with such problems, to consider benefits of such a course". Rosemary states that she would not be where she istoday both health-wise and skill-wise, if it was not for her first steps into Jane's class. Her flair and creativity also started to grow and she produced some outstanding pieces of artwork. WEA tutor Jane encourages progression routes within her class and has information at hand for advanced and accredited courses. She advised Rosemary of a two year Diploma course in Botanical Illustration at The Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh, which she enrolled on and gained her Diploma with Merit. Rosemary has shown determinationand strength to face and overcome challenges and so much more in her personal growth and development.

“I certainly think I would not be where I am today health-wise without the course”

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