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Learning with a disability - Martin Sobrino

Greatly improved health and confidence, gained a Diploma in Botanical Illustration.

Alex (the trainer):
“I was told in advance of training at Randall Close that Martin has a Learning Disability and having worked with people with Learning Disabilities I had an understanding of what this might be.

So having already met Martin and done training sessions with him before doing the Emergency First Aid training I knew his level of conversation was good but that he needed time to think and sometimes he might need moving back on to the subject.

Knowing the above and knowing the Emergency First Aid course materials, I knew that I would have to allow Martin more time but I would also have to let Martin tell me when he understood.

The group also knew Martin as they work alongside him and the Team Leader had arranged that the training take place over 2 days 3 hours each session with a break each day.

Martin soon got into the swing and asked questions when he was unsure of what I just said that meant I could explain it in a different way and try and make it simpler for him and the group also helped with this.

When it came time to do a practical session Martin would watch and listen with the rest of the group and would take direction if he had missed a bit once he was confident with the move I would then check it and then do his practical assessment.

I soon learnt not to say to Martin “that’s it” when he got the speed of chest compression correct has he took this has a sign to stop so I had to tell him “keep going good pace Martin”.

Martin passed all the practical elements of the course.

When it came to the written assessment I had to explain to the group and Martin that it is a requirement from QualSafe (whom we as trainers belong) that people must do the assessment by themselves to start with and if they then fail steps can be taken.

Martin found this too challenging and was very disappointed but I reminded him that there were steps that can be taken and that if he would like me to read the questions and answers and explain what things meant without giving the answer I could do this. Martin agreed to this happening.

I was then able to read the questions to him and make sure he understood what was meant by the question he then would choose one of the possible 4 answers as to which he thought was the correct one.

Doing this Martin went from failing the whole course to passing and becoming a qualified Emergency First Aider.

Martin (the learner):
"I was happy in be given the opportunity to be part of the training at Randall Close Day Centre and be offered that little bit of support that was needed for me to pass and get a qualification I am now a first aider and this has helped me with my role in the kitchen knowing what to do If there was a first aid incident Working at Randall Close this was fun to be working with others in my own workplace."