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Second chance - Judith Phillip

Went straight to college then employment. Education important to her.

It has always been one of my biggest regrets that I did not go to university but instead went straight to college and then into employment.

However, furthering my education was always very important to me and as a result I was continually taking different courses while working and bringing up my family.

I was very nervous at first but discovered that my tutor was really welcoming and supportive. I had the chance to meet other students at the tutorials and made strong friendships right from the start. We would often meet up online, through the The Open University, or face-to-face to discuss and support each other with assignments.

Later I travelled to tutorials and the residential schools at the University of Caen and at the University of Santiago. The work got steadily harder and it is true to say that the advanced level French almost took over my life. After three years of French I moved onto Spanish, starting at a lower level but completing the advanced level in my fourth year. It has taken me seven years to achieve my Bachelor of Arts (BA) Open Degree as I felt one course a year was all I could cope with while holding down employment. I am now continuing with one further year to convert my open degree into a BA Hons degree in Modern Languages.

It has been an incredible journey, very hard work at times but the sense of achievement when the assignment scores came in and when I could finally achieve my degree has been enormous.

I graduated at The Barbican in London with my family around me.

I feel incredibly proud that I have stuck to my studies and kept motivated.

I would not have been able to do it without the support of the tutors, my new university friends and my family and friends.

"It was not until after my A-levels that I thought, 'You know what, I could start a University degree now”. My family had grown up, I had a full time job but I still had a burning ambition to get the degree I had always dreamed of.'"

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